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Match catchup....#4 #5 #6 & #7
2017/18 Match #4 Ladies @ Ranmoor 23 Oct 17
3-6 win
Bev/Louise 2-1, Christina/Lucy 2-1, Hannah/Sallyann 2-1

Match #5 Mens1 v Beaverhill 24 Oct 17
9-0 win
Frazer/Owain 3-0, Ben/Praf 3-0, Dave/Stuart 3-0

Match #6 Mens1 v Nomads 31 Oct 17
2-7 loss
Frazer/Owain 2-1, Ali/Stuart 0-3, Phil/Spud 0-3

Match #7 Mens1 @ Nomads 8 Nov 17
4-5 win (REVENGE)
Frazer/Owain 3-0, Dave/Stuart 2-1, Ben/Praf 0-3
Posted on 14 Nov 2017 by News Editor
2017/18 Match #3 M2 v Oakbrook1 17 Oct 17
Duncan/Spud 0-3, Steve/Phil 0-3, James H/Praf 0-3
Posted on 18 Oct 2017 by News Editor
2017/18 Match #2 M1 v Abbeydale2 10 Oct 17
Frazer/Owain 2-1, Ben/Praf 0-3, Dave/Stuart 1-2
Posted on 18 Oct 2017 by News Editor
Latest Fixtures 2017/2018 Now Available
The fixtures for our teams for the coming season are now available.
Posted on 08 Oct 2017 by Webmaster
2017/18 Match #1 M2 v Graves 3 Oct 17
Aiden/Andy 2-1, Steve/Phil 1-2, Duncan/Keith 0-3
Posted on 03 Oct 2017 by News Editor
PACES Relocated to 2 Venues
PACES Badminton club has now move from Yewlands and is currently playing at Ecclesfield School on Tuesdays nights and at Rotherham Leisure Centre on Sundays nights.
Posted on 12 Sep 2017 by Webmaster
New players
Just another brief reminder about bringing new players to club nights.

Whilst its always brilliant to have new players joining the club and wanting to play with and for us, we can only accomodate a certain amount of members/players at any given time.

If you are wanting to invite someone to come and play PLEASE clear it with Stuart or any of the committe members first so we can keep an eye on numbers - the last thing that anyone wants is having so many players turn up that we only get 3 or 4 games in per evening.
Posted on 13 Oct 2016 by News Editor
Can everyone please check that you are recieving emails from the Paces address and they are not being put in the SPAM folder as a few of the recent emails sent have been put in my SPAM folder until I confirmed that the address was safe and 'not spam'

Posted on 09 Jan 2013 by News Editor
Little bit of info.......
2008/9 season Paces had one team in the Sheffield Badminton League, the Combined team, and at the end of the season the team were promoted from the bottom division into the 2nd Div.

2009/10 season the Mens team was 'born' and in their first season they won Div4 losing just 1 match. The combined team consolidated their position in Div2

2010/11 season the Mens team won Div3 undefeated and the Combined team won promotion to Div1

2011/12 season saw the Ladies and the Mens2 team enter the league.
The Mens1 won Div2 and a third consecutive division winning promotion.
The Ladies won promotion and came within a few points of winning the division.
The Combined team consolidated their position in Div1 and recorded probably the best result in our clubs history by beating the reigning champs and (at the time) division leaders in their own backyard.
The Mens2 team were one match away from a possible promotion into division4

We now have three of our four teams in the first division - Combined, Mens1 & Ladies - for a small provincial family club this is a magnificent achievement and something that everyone involved with the club should to be extremely proud of.

A massive well done and thank you to every member of this fantastic club, without your support and enthusiasm your club wouldn’t be what and where it is right now!

Thank you and well done

Just my two-penneth - Aiden smile
Posted on 07 May 2012 by News Editor
PACES Badminton Club Launch New Website
We have finally launched our new website where we will provide up to date information and the club for its members and the badminton community in general. Please take time to look around the site and we hope you find it informative.
Posted on 25 Apr 2011 by Webmaster
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